Month: September 2010

Can you afford to buy a business?

Six weeks ago you lost your job.  So far, all your leads have been dead ends and you’re starting to get nervous.  You did get a package, but it’s not going to last forever. Maybe it’s time to go into business for yourself, provide your own job security and income. The thought of it gets […]

Is now the time to sell my business?

The recession has thrown many business owners off track, leaving them unsure and unequipped, akin to driving in an unfamiliar area without a GPS or map or navigating the wilderness without a compass. For many who’ve lost 25% to 50% of their savings in the market, the paved road to retirement is now full of […]

Business brokers help buyers and sellers, part 2

In part one of this post, we explored how business brokers bring buyers and and sellers together, providing the all-important expertise to bring the deal to a conclusion that works for both.  Here are some takeaway points specific to each party. Some points for buyers There is no perfect business-only some that are better for […]