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Selling a business: what is your business worth, part two

As you read in part one of selling a business: what is your business worth, a seller’s price expectation needs to be in line with market reality.  Most financial statements of small businesses are prepared to minimize the tax burden for the company and its owners.  To reflect the company’s true earnings, we need to […]

Selling a business: what is your business worth?

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then the worth of a business lies in the eye of the market. For the market is really what decides the price an owner will get for their business when they go to sell – the scenario most have in mind when they ask what their […]

Selling a business: top financial factors to build value

Does your accountant dread your visit? Bad record keeping is, in fact, the biggest roadblock to selling a business. Buyers want a business with a proven track record of consistent financial performance with solid/growing revenue and earnings. Yet, most of us are rather flabby when it comes to fiscal fitness.  Spending some time with a […]

Why is this business for sale?

Potential buyers of a business want to know upfront why it’s for sale. They’re naturally suspicious–if this is such a good business, then why is the owner selling?  What is wrong? In all likelihood, the business is continuing to provide a good living for the owners just as it always has; what’s changed is the […]

Is now the time to sell my business?

The recession has thrown many business owners off track, leaving them unsure and unequipped, akin to driving in an unfamiliar area without a GPS or map or navigating the wilderness without a compass. For many who’ve lost 25% to 50% of their savings in the market, the paved road to retirement is now full of […]

Business brokers help buyers and sellers, part 2

In part one of this post, we explored how business brokers bring buyers and and sellers together, providing the all-important expertise to bring the deal to a conclusion that works for both.  Here are some takeaway points specific to each party. Some points for buyers There is no perfect business-only some that are better for […]