Owning a small business

Locksmith Business For Sale Central Alberta

Locksmith Business For Sale Central Alberta Canada.  Long established locksmith business comes with an actual storefront, providing around the clock service and products to their high repeat commercial, residential and automotive clients in the city and country. Sale and Service…

Fiscal Fitness: 20 Reasons for Mid-Size Companies to Acquire Smaller Firms

In a recent 2015 post, I noted that more mid-sized businesses in the Canadian market are turning to complementary acquisitions with fold-ins or add-ons that allow the buyer to add on the revenue of the acquisition without the costs the seller (and their smaller business) had. As we enter the New Year with renewed resolve and resolutions, I've been asked to say more about these financial benefits.

Baby Boomer Sellers – Only in Canada… Pity

Flynn notes that in the U.S., "business for sale listings (mostly Main Street and often with less than $500,000 annual revenues) on the major transaction sites, as well as the middle market business brokerage firm listings are down in almost every North East state we track compared to five ago." Yet "the 2013-15 period was predicted to be the peak of the baby boomer selling boom."

The Great Divide: Deciding to Keep or Sell the Family Business

You and your wife own a business. Like many of our clients, you run the operations while your wife does the books. The business provides full employment for one or more of your children, too. Your dream has been to keep the business in the family-to see it continue through the generations that follow-a legacy. It’s what you’ve always wanted. And you thought your son and daughter did too. They never said otherwise.

Future of the Employees with New Ownership

Much of a business’s profitability comes from the contributions of its employees. In fact, usually client relationships are with the individual employee rather than with the owner, the brand or the firm. As a consequence, it is important to remember that the business would not be worth the asking price if the staff were not part of the package.