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Buyer’s Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Our agreement with the Seller requires that we obtain a signed “Buyer’s Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement” and evidence of financial ability before disclosing the name, location or financial details of the business.  All information provided will be kept confidential. In compliance with this requirement – please read this agreement, sign and initial where necessary, and fill in the information required. 

The undersigned prospective purchaser(s) ("Buyer") hereby requests confidential information, currently and from this time forward, on businesses represented by Sunbelt Business Brokers ("Sunbelt") for the purpose of considering a purchase of such business. Buyer hereby acknowledges that Sunbelt first provided such information to the Buyer. In consideration of Sunbelt having provided such information, the Buyer hereby understands and agrees:

  1. That information provided to me on businesses by Sunbelt is sensitive and confidential and that its disclosure to others would be damaging to the businesses and to Sunbelt’s fiduciary relationship with the seller.
  2. That I will not disclose any information regarding these businesses to any other person who has not also signed and dated this agreement except to secure their advice and counsel, in which case I agree to obtain their consent to maintain such confidentiality. “Information” shall include the fact that the business is for sale plus other data.  The term information does not include any information, which is, or becomes, generally available to the public or is already in your possession. 
  3. To conduct ALL further inquiries into the business opportunities presented to the Buyer by Sunbelt, including making Offers, exclusively through the offices of Sunbelt and not directly with the Seller. That I will not contact the Seller, its employees, suppliers or customers except through Sunbelt.  That all correspondence, inquiries, offers to purchase and negotiations relating to the purchase or lease of any business presented to me, or companies I represent, by Sunbelt will be conducted exclusively though Sunbelt.  That I, nor my agents, nor my representatives will introduce any other potential buyers to the business except through Sunbelt. 
  4. The undersigned acknowledged and understands that Sunbelt and its associates represents the company and have a contract with the company for a commission payable on the sale, trade, lease or exchange of the business and/or property and agrees to not circumvent this agreement in any way. The undersigned agrees that if they purchase, lease or become connected in any way (other than in normal business as a customer or supplier) with a business represented by Sunbelt for sale, that they protect Sunbelt’s right to a commission.   The undersigned understands that if they interfere in any way with Sunbelt’s right to a commission that they will be liable for payment of the commission.
  5. The undersigned acknowledges the selling company’s desire that “information” will only be disclosed to parties with sufficient financial capability to complete the transaction and agrees that they will provide proof of financial capability if necessary.
  6. The undersigned agrees that this agreement covers all companies about which he/she requests information and/or receives information from Sunbelt. The undersigned accepts, and Sunbelt agrees, to maintain a record of Confidentiality and Disclosure Agreements for all inquiries to businesses we represent.  
  7. It is agreed that the undersigned will respect and adhere to Sunbelt’s rules and procedures outlined hereunder:
    1. The undersigned and/or their agents or representatives will not introduce any other potential buyer to the business, except through Sunbelt, and the undersigned will not circumvent nor attempt to circumvent this agreement in any way.
    2. The undersigned will at no time contact the owner directly without first obtaining permission from Sunbelt.
    3. The undersigned agrees to, and/or will cause their lawyers to deliver all correspondence, offers, documentation directly through Sunbelt which in turn will review all materials with the Seller and their lawyer in a timely manner.
    4. Deposit monies shall be held in Sunbelt’s Trust Account which is insured for the protection of the undersigned.
    5. Buyers may be subject to a credit check at time of offer acceptance.
  8. Sunbelt hereby acknowledges that all commission fees are due from the Seller, and no fees will be levied to the undersigned unless specifically agreed to in writing by both parties in a separate agreement.
  9. The parties agree to accept facsimile or electronic scanned transmissions of this document as originals and the undersigned hereby acknowledges this date having received a copy of this agreement.
  10. The laws of the province of Ontario shall govern this agreement.

Agency Disclosure

The Buyer acknowledges that Sunbelt represents the interests of the Seller and is providing customer service to the Buyer. All fees due Sunbelt are, and will be, the responsibility of the Seller. Sunbelt, as an agent to the Seller, acts under an engagement agreement with the Seller and has affirmative obligations to the Seller including the fiduciary duties of loyalty, obedience, disclosure, confidentiality, reasonable care and diligence, and accounting in dealing with the Seller. In addition, Sunbelt has affirmative obligations to the Buyer and Seller of honest dealing and disclosure.    Nothing in this agreement shall prevent the undersigned from retaining their own independent business broker to represent the buyer.  However, the undersigned acknowledges that Sunbelt does not use the MLS system and is not obliged to share its commission with any broker retained by the undersigned.

Counsel Disclosure

Buyers are advised to seek counsel from a Lawyer, Certified Public Accountant and any other parties necessary to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of any business opportunity bought or sold through Sunbelt.

Information Disclosure

Buyer acknowledges that all information on each business opportunity provided by Sunbelt has been provided to Sunbelt by the Seller of the business for confidential use by the Buyer for the sole purpose of evaluating a business opportunity as a potential Buyer. The Seller believes that information to be true and accurate; however, accuracy is not guaranteed and all information should not be considered complete. While statements may be presented concerning a matter of opinion, whether or not so identified, these are only statements of opinion. Sunbelt makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, regarding information provided to Buyer.  It is the Buyer’s responsibility to make an independent verification of all information and I understand that Sunbelt is not responsible for the accuracy of any information I receive and agree to indemnify and hold Sunbelt harmless from any claims or damages resulting from its use.  Under no circumstances can Sunbelt be liable if confidential information is found to be incomplete, inaccurate, misleading or false.

Risk Disclosure

Business opportunities by their very nature carry risk including obsolescence or reduced demand for service or product, regulatory laws, ineffective management, changes in the local or national economic condition, and many others. Due to the risks inherent in business opportunities, a Buyer could incur a loss, including but not limited to their entire investment. Buyer acknowledges that they understand these risks and Sunbelt cannot and does not in any way warrant or guaranty the future vitality or prospects of any business.

Canadian Anti-Spam Compliance.

The government of Canada has initiated a new anti-spam legislation which regulates the distribution of electronic messages.   To comply with this new law, Sunbelt is required to obtain your express consent in order to send you e-communications about new businesses that we list that may interest you.  If you want to be notified by email when we take new business listings, please give your express consent.

By signing below the prospective Buyer acknowledges reading and understanding the disclosures stated above.  Receipt of a copy and acceptance of the terms of this acknowledgement and agreement is hereby acknowledged and confirmed.

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In witness whereof the parties have executed this agreement and have the authority to bind their respective companies.

Executed at: July 13, 2024

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