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How to Buy a Business

Buying a Business

Although owning your own business is the fastest way to financial independence, starting and growing a new business can be a high-risk and costly undertaking in today’s fast-paced markets. Our team will find the right business to fit your lifestyle and financial needs while mitigating the risks commonly associated with business ownership. When you purchase an existing business, you can carefully investigate the business and understand exactly how your skills, energy, creativity, passion and ideas can add value to an existing operation.

The Business Buying Process

Our representatives will help you find the right business and under the right terms and conditions. We provide private and confidential discussions at no cost, and may provide you with information that could make your purchase a life fulfilling and financially rewarding experience, or save you from a grave error. We have the skills, experience, training, technology, systems, processes, resources, and most importantly the commitment to help you to achieve your goals.

Below are some of the steps our representatives take in finding the right business for buyers:

Helping clients to identify and evaluate the right opportunity is a valuable part of our service. We begin with a thorough review of your needs, interests, skills, background, finances, likes and dislikes to ensure that we can identify the right fit for clients.

Once we have accurately identified the range of businesses that suit your objectives, we search our database thousands of businesses to match your interests against all potential opportunities. We will also monitor our database regularly to identify fresh opportunities as soon as they become available. When you are working closely with a Sunbelt intermediary, you will often discover new opportunities before they are in the public domain, as many businesses we do not make public due to strict confidentiality concerns.

Managing confidentiality is a critical factor for most sellers. The seller cannot risk letting their staff, suppliers, bankers, customers or competitors know that they are selling. We know how to manage confidentiality and prevent the risk of litigation that a breach of confidentiality could create.

Identifying and understanding the real value of a business is not always easy. In most cases, the seller’s financials do not fully reflect the true benefits of ownership. Similarly, it’s not always easy to envision the full potential of a business from a written presentation. Our intermediaries are experienced in recognizing and communicating the benefits, opportunities, and risks relating to business ownership opportunities.

Countless details need attending to in the process of buying a business. Addressing these details in a timely manner and managing each step of the process in the right order is critical to a successful outcome. We’ll manage the process, keep things on track, and keep you fully informed every step of the way.

It will potentially take a team of experts to successfully purchase a business and protect your interests in the process. Lawyers, accountants, bankers, insurance and tax specialists, financial planners, business coaches and consultants are all part of the extended network of professionals that we can help put on your team.

Our team strives to reach a win-win outcome when structuring deals between buyers and sellers. Understanding your unique needs and objectives as well as those of the buyer is critical to negotiating a successful agreement. Our approach to facilitating successful win-win deals is one of the reasons that we sell more businesses than any other business intermediaries in the world.

Buying a business often requires many rounds of creative problem solving. Whether it’s structuring the terms of training and coaching or creating the best approach to minimize tax, our network of industry specialists and consulting professionals provides creative problem solving expertise virtually 24 hours a day.

Sunbelt is always aware of the current business financing options in the marketplace as well as general lender requirements. We regularly provide assistance and financing recommendations to our clients who require additional capital.

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