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Sell a Business

How Sunbelt Barrie helps you sell your business with confidence!

Selling a business is a complex and challenging process with serious financial, legal, tax & lifestyle implications. As the world’s largest and most successful network of business brokers, we provide outstanding resources, expertise, and are dedicated to providing you the best possible outcome.

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We assure confidentiality

We respect your need for confidentiality and have protocols in place for advertising, disclosing information, and managing potential buyers in order to protect the seller and their business.

Stage 1 – Business Appraisal

Our team gathers a tremendous amount of data for analysis on a confidential basis and use a number of methodologies to provide our brokers’ opinion of what your business might sell for in the current marketplace.

Stage 2 – Market Preparation

Once an asking price is agreed upon, we create a teaser document that we refer to as a “Blind Profile” providing just enough information to solicit buyer interest while your business remains confidential.

Our Confidential Business Profile is a detailed marketing document designed to provide an overview of your business to qualified, prospective buyers who have signed a strict & detailed, legally enforceable non-disclosure agreement.

Stage 3 – Marketing

We use a multitude of approaches to market your business. These include internal buyer lists, Sunbelt network contacts, targeted searches and solicitations, the Sunbelt network websites, as well as other top third-party business marketing sites.

Stage 4 – Negotiation

Managing the negotiation process may be the most difficult and critical part of what we do. It’s important that all negotiations are handled exclusively by your Sunbelt agent in order to ensure the greatest likelihood of success.

Another critical role of your Sunbelt agent is to manage the due diligence process with the lawyers, accountants, financial and business advisors of the prospective buyer, which is pivotal to a successful outcome.

Stage 5 – Closing

This is the final stage of the process. Our team will again manage all aspects of this potentially delay‐prone process, and keep the lawyers and accountants synchronized on both sides to ensure a timely and successful conclusion.

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