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Is it time to sell?

Have you ever thought about selling your business? If so, then you likely have some or all of the following questions that you would like answered: Is it saleable? How much risk is involved? Can I keep it private? What is my business worth? What do I need to do to get the most value? Are there buyers for my business?

Contact us and have your questions answered by one of our local business brokers.

We assure confidentiality when selling your business

We have protocols in place for advertising, disclosing information, and working buyers and their advisors, to keep the sale of your business confidential.

We have registered pre-qualified buyers

Our Business Brokers have access to a database of active buyers, owner-operators, private equity groups, family trusts, financial and strategic buyers – who might be looking for businesses like yours. As part of Sunbelt Canada we are connected to an extensive buyer data base that has a local, national and international reach.

Wondering what your business is worth?

As a business owner you not only want to know what your business is worth before you make a decision to go to market, but you also want to know what the value drivers are so that you have the option of increasing the value of your business before you sell. Sunbelt Business Brokers Kingston and their analysts understand this market and will provide you with an excellent business valuation package so you can make a well informed decision.

We maximize value when selling your business

Our brokers have expertise in business valuation, financial statement analysis, taxation implications, inventory, goodwill, etcetera. They know how to optimize the value of your business to move it up the value chain.

We minimize the risk when selling your business

The lower the perceived risk to a buyer, the more a buyer can afford to pay for a business and the more a seller will receive. We will work with you to prepare your business for a sale and provide a detailed package that helps buyers clearly understand your business. Providing this material to the right buyer – that has the necessary experience, skills, ethics, financial resources, risk tolerance and passion – can significantly improve the likely hood of a successful transition.

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