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John Kirkland

Jim keeps up to date on what is happening in the business world. [That] makes him the guy to go to for your next business venture.

Charles Lapointe

Very impressed with the diligence with which Jim is working with any party showing a qualified interest in purchasing our enterprise.

Justin Abraham

Jim Nairn help explain things to me very clearly. Helped make sure I understood everything and found the right business for me! Thank you Jim.

Eric Dinelle

Jim ensured that every detail was taken care of throughout the process. Jim ensured that every detail was taken care of throughout the process.

Matt Williams

As a commercial and business lender in the area, I have worked with Jim on various projects and opportunities. If you want professional service from a knowledgeable and experienced business broker, Jim and the team at Sunbelt Kingston are your best choice.

Jackie Fan

Appreciate for Jim's kind support on guiding me into current business, look forward to more cooperation and opportunities from him.

John Karagianis

He is always very dependable, highly conscientious, flexible and technically knowledgeable. He consistently gets the work done on time, and he delivers on his promises. Nice work, Jim!

Andrew Arbuckle

Thanks to Jim Nairn ... he was professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable. He guided us through the difficult and complicated process of selling a business using his experience and expertise.