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Businesses for Sale in Ottawa

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Business Category: Ambulatory Health Care Services
Business ID: OTTA0065
Revenue: $ 6,515,000
SDE: $ 1,802,000
Asking Price $ 16,000,000
Profitable Dialysis Centers for Sale in Florida Hemodialysis Treatment Centers for Sale in Florida, United States. Equipped with State-of-the-Art facilities, these five dialysis centers offer hemodialysis treatments to all end-stage renal disease patients. Lean and smart systems have allowed the business to scale to five locations to address the growing demand for their services. Staff is highly s
Business Category: Accommodation
Business ID: OTTA0092
Revenue: $ 1,707,063
SDE: On request
Asking Price $ 7,000,000
RV Campground and Resort Business for Sale in Quebec Lodge Resort and Recreational Vehicle Campground Business for Sale in Quebec, Canada. This Resort and Recreational Vehicle Park Business is focused on various lodging styles, seasonally available sport, corporate retreats, family/couple recreation, and well-prepared fare. This holiday retreat business has an excellent RV Park with well-developed
Business Category: Machinery Manufacturing
Business ID: OTTA0084
Revenue: $ 5,855,000
SDE: $ 950,000
Asking Price $ 4,250,000
For over 20 years, this ISO9001-2015 certified manufacturer located in Eastern Ontario has supplied precision machining (3, 4 and 5- axis milling and turning), sheet metal fabrication and assembly services. The company possesses long-established customer relationships, a talented and committed workforce, modern equipment, and strong business processes An emphasis on quality and customer service ar
Business Category: Specialty Trade Contractors
Business ID: OTTA0067
Revenue: $ 5,423,000
SDE: $ 1,138,000
Asking Price $ 4,000,000
Profitable Fencing Distribution Business for Sale in Eastern Ontario Fast Growing Fencing and Decks Supply Store for Sale in Eastern Ontario Canada. This fencing supplier for sale distributes high-quality fencing and decking products to contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners. Revenues are primarily from PVC fencing products, iron fencing, chain link, and railing products. The company has seen s
Business Category: Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Business ID: OTTA0090
Revenue: $ 1,905,000
SDE: $ 982,000
Asking Price $ 3,700,000
Great opportunity to generate higher than industry average profit margins and be part of an ever-growing industry, especially since the pandemic. This IT Consulting Services Firm builds and deploys complex custom cloud-based solutions. The company was founded by the owner 16 years ago and has loyal and long-standing clients, mainly located in the US. The business has grown steadily over the years
Business Category: Machinery Manufacturing
Business ID: OTTA0029
Revenue: $ 2,286,000
SDE: $ 580,000
Asking Price $ 3,400,000
Precision Machine Shop for Sale in Eastern Ontario Canada Machine Manufacturing Business for Sale in Eastern Ontario Canada. This machine shop for sale has provided quality precision machine parts and service often exceeding client requirements for over 20 years. The business offers a wide range of services, including lathe work, precision CNC machining (milling, turning & routing), drilling,
Business Category: Food and Beverage Stores
Business ID: OTTA0074
Revenue: $ 3,500,000
SDE: $ 315,000
Asking Price $ 3,200,000
Highly profitable convenience store located on a well-trafficked thoroughfare for sale in Western Quebec. In addition to the traditional items found in a convenience store including beer, the business is also licensed to sell beer, coolers, and wine as well as boasts an SAQ outlet. They serve freshly made sandwiches, pastries, as well as coffee which brings several customers on the way to work in
Business Category: Waste Management and Remediation Services
Business ID: OTTA0051
Revenue: $ 4,680,000
SDE: $ 526,000
Asking Price $ 3,150,000
Garbage Recycling and Waste Management Business for Sale in Ontario, Canada. A long-standing garbage and recycling collection and disposal business for sale in Ontario. Direct contracts with Municipalities and Private Firms are just some of the many factors that have caused explosive revenue growth in the past several years. The business also earns revenue from sub-contracts and in-demand services
Business Category: Specialty Trade Contractors
Business ID: OTTA0089
Revenue: $ 5,172,000
SDE: $ 547,000
Asking Price $ 2,200,000
Reputable Electrical Contractor for Sale in Eastern Ontario. With a history of quality work, this business has earned many repeat and referral clients over more than 30 years in business. It specializes in larger, multi-year construction for industrial, institutional and commercial buildings including several high-profile projects. A core group of knowledgeable employees, many long-term, help to e
Business Category: Miscellaneous Manufacturing
Business ID: OTTA0092
Revenue: $ 3,260,000
SDE: $ 292,000
Asking Price $ 2,200,000
Successful DIY component manufacturer in Western Quebec for sale. This manufacturer is capitalizing on a strong retail trend, offering customers compelling products that merchandise well, with the added benefit of being simple and easy to complete. The business is established with Big Box Stores in Canada and the United States. An array of content designed for the end user and retailer alike help
Business Category: General Merchandise Stores
Business ID: OTTA0091
Revenue: $ 3,400,000
SDE: $ 270,000
Asking Price $ 2,100,000
Profitable Full-Service General store for sale in Southern Ontario. Convenience store with LCBO and Lottery for sale in Ontario Canada. Helping customers for close to three decades, this general store for sale serves freshly made sandwiches, pastries and is licensed to sell alcohol, lottery, and fuel. Cottagers, travelers, and residents enjoy the wide selection of goods and with increasing gas cos
Business Category: Specialty Trade Contractors
Business ID: OTTA0024
Revenue: $ 2,073,000
SDE: $ 674,000
Asking Price $ 2,000,000
Paving Business for Sale in Ottawa Area Asphalt Paving and Landscaping Construction Business for Sale in Ottawa Area ON Canada. A large percentage of its business come through word of mouth and referrals from past clients. Solid systems and processes allow you to step in quickly. The Business provides Commercial Paving, Residential Paving specializing in asphalt paving, interlocking brick, concret
Business Category: Construction of Buildings
Business ID: OTTA0050
Revenue: $ 7,085,000
SDE: $ 671,000
Asking Price $ 1,800,000
Bath and kitchen remodeler business sale in Eastern ON Canada. This business delivers premium quality custom design for renovation projects. The company has maintained increasing revenue growth in recent years. The current owner has implemented sound processes and strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic and has positioned the business well for future growth. The company has a well-designed corpora
Business Category: Specialty Trade Contractors
Business ID: OTTA0075
Revenue: $ 3,261,000
SDE: $ 1,008,000
Asking Price $ 1,600,000
Profitable and reputable roofing and siding company for sale in the Outaouais. The business enjoys a very strong repeat and referral business due to its established reputation for service and reliability. A large percentage of its contracts come through word of mouth and through its longtime partnership with local builders. The current owner believes that the business can grow significantly with o
Business Category: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
Business ID: OTTA0088
Revenue: $ 1,192,519
SDE: $ 543,935
Asking Price $ 1,350,000
Dominating the market Tree Care Business is for sale in Eastern Ontario. Highly profitable. Proven track record extending over the past 20 years. The company has built an excellent brand as it takes advantage of its exceptional reputation for customer service and catering to customer’s needs, as well as strong Internet presence to market the business. This business is turnkey and includes all nece
Business Category: Administrative and Support Services
Business ID: OTTA0035
Revenue: $ 1,952,000
SDE: $ 288,000
Asking Price $ 1,050,000
An established agency providing temporary labour placement for sale in Eastern Ontario. The business specializes in providing unskilled labour, mainly to construction companies, short and long term. With employees who super-serve the clients, and as a one-stop source for temporary labour, the business has enjoyed the benefits of repeat business from a stable list of clients. Pre-COVID, the busines
Business Category: Specialty Trade Contractors
Business ID: OTTA0086
Revenue: $ 1,102,581
SDE: $ 381,651
Asking Price $ 950,000
Custom storage solutions provider for sale in Eastern Ontario. This business designs and installs custom premium quality cabinets and closets and provides related services to organize spaces. Taking advantage of a high demand, the company had a stellar revenue and profits growth in the last few years which is expected to continue. Being part of a reputable large franchise, it has a well-tuned proc
Business Category: Health and Personal Care Stores
Business ID: OTTA0081
Revenue: $ 1,272,000
SDE: $ 267,000
Asking Price $ 800,000
Excellent opportunity to generate a great ROI and be part of the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle by owning a highly profitable Health Food & Supplement Store located in one of the fastest growing communities in Eastern Ontario. Competitively priced products including some exclusive brands of supplements, organic/vegan food products, oils, and health & beauty products. The owner d
Business Category: Real Estate
Business ID: OTTA0069
Revenue: $ 426,000
SDE: $ 119,000
Asking Price $ 750,000
Profitable Property Management Franchise for Sale in Ottawa ON Property Management Franchise for Sale in Ottawa ON Canada. This Franchise business for sale provides turn-key private suites to professionals. These suites are fully equipped and professionally furnished and then rented. Before Covid, the occupancy of suites was almost at 100% but currently sits above 80% occupancy. Tenant leases are
Business Category: Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores
Business ID: OTTA0087
Revenue: $ 1,139,339
SDE: $ 169,248
Asking Price $ 749,000
Market leading niche retail and online store is available for sale in Eastern Ontario. Located in prime location and carry top brands. Consistently increasing sales in high-margin product lines. This business established a reputation for itself within the target market by providing a high level of personal service and attention resulting in a large number of regular and repeat customers. Competent
Business Category: Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods
Business ID: OTTA0036
Revenue: $ 1,417,000
SDE: On request
Asking Price $ 700,000
Farm Equipment Supplier Business for Sale in Ontario, Canada. Farm Equipment Supplier Business for Sale in Ontario, Canada. Family-owned and operated, this farm equipment supplier business for sale has been helping farmers and businesses for over 60 years. Clients are very loyal with over 85% repeat business. This business represents top farmstead equipment manufacturers and carries a large supply
Business Category: Repair and Maintenance
Business ID: OTTA0082
Revenue: $ 1,424,000
SDE: $ 266,000
Asking Price $ 700,000
With over 30 collective years of experience and over 20 years in the industry, this business has been providing customers in the Greater Ottawa Area with fair-priced and reliable vehicle repairs. The business has the tools and capability to run diagnostic tests and fix any vehicle facing mechanical or electrical issues. The business also offers performance upgrades like exhaust fabrication, suspen
Business Category: Nonstore Retailers
Business ID: OTTA0077
Revenue: $ 1,148,000
SDE: $ 207,000
Asking Price $ 695,000
Profitable and easily relocatable B2B distribution company for sale in Ottawa. This business enjoys strong repeat and referral business due to its diverse, high-quality products and quick delivery turnaround. The current owner believes that the business can be significantly expanded with limited capital investment. There are opportunities to significantly increase revenue with increased outreach b
Business Category: Specialty Trade Contractors
Business ID: OTTA0066
Revenue: $ 691,000
SDE: $ 330,000
Asking Price $ 675,000
This highly profitable business supplies its products and services to a diversified base of commercial and residential clients. Benefiting from over 50 years of experience, the business has built a strong list of large customers, mainly in the commercial sector. Clients are very loyal and many have been with the business for years. About 80% of revenue stems from commercial clients and the remaini
Business Category: Specialty Trade Contractors
Revenue: $ 1,697,000
SDE: $ 184,000
Asking Price $ 499,000
Reputable painting & flooring business for sale in Eastern ON Canada. This business offers reliable flooring and painting solutions suited to customers’ needs. The company also provides staircase designing and installation, waterproofing, and bathroom renovations. The business has seen strong growth in recent years with $600K revenue in 2017 to almost $1.7M in 2021. The current owner has imple

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