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Businesses for Sale in St-John

Discover a world of business opportunities with our listings for sale in St. John’s. From thriving retail ventures to lucrative service providers, you can establish your roots in the vibrant market of this historic city. Embrace the coastal charm and take the leap into your next business venture today.

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The offshore oil and gas sector in St. John’s is a major economic driver, with the city serving as a hub for oil exploration and production in the North Atlantic. Additionally, the city’s strategic location provides access to abundant offshore resources, attracting investments and fuelling economic development.

St. John’s also boasts a strong presence in the technology and innovation sectors. The city is home to various tech startups, research institutions, and innovation hubs, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and technological advancement. This growing sector offers opportunities for collaboration, investment, and the development of cutting-edge solutions — all of which can benefit you as a business owner. 

Current projections predict that St. John’s economy will continue growing with more employment, income, and newcomers. These forecasts are promising, especially if you’re looking for a place where your business can profit and expand beyond city borders.