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Looking to buy the right business with the right terms and conditions?

Our professionals have the experience, market knowledge and resources to help you find and buy the right business to meet your needs. These services are provided at no charge to buyers.

Our brokers follow a proven process that protects both buyers and sellers. It’s their job to get the right questions asked and answered and to help both parties achieve their goals.

The broker is engaged and paid on a commission basis by the seller when a business transaction is successfully completed. So the goal is to facilitate a successful transaction that results in both parties being satisfied with the outcome.

A good broker is focused on finding the right business for the buyer, not finding the right buyer for the business.

All negotiations go through the business broker – that gives both parties a chance to test the reasonableness of their requests. It’s common for Sunbelt-brokered deals to include seller-provided financing and a training and transition period where the previous owners work with the purchaser for a stipulated length of time, so building a relationship of trust and respect throughout the transaction has continued importance.

You’ll appreciate that perspective at due diligence and closing. Keeping everyone on track and ensuring that the lawyers and accountants have what they require when it’s required is demanding. The broker will work with everyone involved to facilitate the outcome that both parties want and keep you informed at every step.

The right steps in the right sequence

Early on, you’ll be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) protecting confidential and proprietary information about the business for sale and what might be your future prospects.

We will guide you through the self-analysis and early decisions about what size and type of business will work for you then help you assess the opportunities and your abilities to succeed.

We will help you understand the real value in the businesses you look at, the nuances of the financial presentations and the difference between original and recast financials.

An offer begins the negotiating process and indicates the seriousness of your intent. Any offer we help you submit will contain a clause making the offer conditional upon structuring the transaction and drafting an agreement of purchase and sale that is acceptable to both parties and their legal counsel.

The terms of a deal are more important than the price. Because we negotiate so many business purchases, we have a wide range of strategies and creative approaches that will serve you well.

Most of our business buyers depend on sellers financing a percentage of the purchase price in the form of a loan. Our offices also keep abreast of the current business financing options in the marketplace as well as general lender requirements. We regularly provide assistance and financing recommendations to our clients who require additional capital.

At due diligence we will provide guidance and a roadmap to ensure you are getting what you think you are getting and what you need. We will provide, in conjunction with your professional advisers, direction on closing the deal and the issues related to taking ownership such as risk mitigation, structuring, tax planning, insurance and legal issues.

And as you open the doors as the new owner, we’re there too with tips on how to make the business even more successful in the years that follow.

Get started with our proven process

If you want to find the right business under the right terms and conditions, you owe it to yourself to speak with a Sunbelt representative. This private and confidential discussion costs you nothing and may provide you with information that could make or even save you a fortune. Take advantage of our proven process for buying a business.