Greg Kells Of Sunbelt Canada Honoured As Canada’s 2024 Local Business Person Of The Year

Canada local business of the year award winner

OTTAWA, CANADA: March 11, 2024 — Alignable’s 2024 Local Business Person Of The Year Contest reached unparalleled participation levels, boasting an impressive 309,000+ votes, 64,000+ recommendations, and an unprecedented number of local winners – surpassing 5,100 across the U.S. and Canada.  

As the premier online networking platform for business owners, invited its 8.7 million+ members to spotlight local business leaders who have demonstrated exceptional dedication in guiding peers and uplifting entire communities, particularly amid challenging economic circumstances. 

Today, Alignable’s network announces that Greg Kells of Sunbelt Canada has been elected as Canada’s 2024 Business Person Of The Year!   

The 2024 contest witnessed remarkable engagement levels, marking a 40% surge in participation compared to the previous year. From January 8 to February 23, 2024, a total of 5,171 business owners emerged victorious (including ties), representing 4,820 communities.  

This surge in recognition highlights the profound impact local business leaders have had on their peers and communities, especially during a year fraught with challenges such as escalating interest rates, rents, and supply costs. 

In our local business community, we prioritize mutual support and referrals, striving to ensure the success of every member,” stated Greg Kells. “The hurdles we’ve faced this year have only strengthened our bonds, prompting many of us to offer guidance and assistance to fellow entrepreneurs navigating turbulent times. While I’m honoured to receive this award, it truly reflects the collective efforts of our entire community.” 

Greg Kells, CEO of Sunbelt Canada, has been bestowed with a distinctive badge on his Alignable profile, commemorating this significant achievement. With over 350 recommendations from clients, colleagues, and professional advisors, Greg’s remarkable success highlights his enduring impact and leadership within the Ottawa business community. Remarkably, this marks his fourth consecutive win and the fifth time in the past six years. 

Past iterations of similar contests have proven to elevate awareness and foster expanded connections, resulting in new business opportunities for many winners. Greg’s consistent recognition underscores his unwavering commitment to excellence and his esteemed reputation as a trusted advisor and advocate for business growth. 

Driving Recognition, Relationships & Referrals 

Our members are ecstatic about how this contest has energized their networks, leading to increased referrals, fresh business prospects, and an outpouring of support,” remarked Eric Groves, CEO and Co-Founder of Alignable. “Small business owners are the backbone of their communities, and it’s high time they receive the recognition they deserve. With over 64,000 recommendations submitted during this year’s contest, it’s evident that when small business owners unite, they wield incredible influence. 

To schedule interviews with Greg Kells, please contact [email protected]. 

About Sunbelt Canada 

Sunbelt Canada, led by CEO Greg Kells, is a premier business brokerage firm specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and business valuations across various industries. With a reputation for excellence and integrity, Sunbelt Canada assists clients in achieving their strategic objectives and maximizing their business potential. 

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