Building value in your business: the Inner Circle

How many of you remember Victor Kiam, the businessman who liked his Remington shaver so much he bought the company? Well, the three Inner Circles I experienced in the U.S. impressed me so much that I bought the company – at least the Canadian Master Franchise.

Kiam said (and showed), “Entrepreneurs are risk takers, willing to roll the dice with their money or reputation on the line in support of an idea or enterprise. They willingly assume responsibility for the success or failure of a venture and are answerable for all its facets.

The buck not only stops at their desks, it starts there too.”

Membership in an Inner Circle group can substantially improve the odds for entrepreneurs like us rolling the dice. In a recent member survey, 97% reported better decision making ability; 75% reported higher revenues AND profits; 71% reported better work/life balance.

So what is the Inner Circle and its life- and business-changing power?

Inner Circles offer a dual process for success

The Inner Circle is a private master mind group or council that enables business owners to achieve A Better Business and a Richer Life, based on Napoleon Hill’s first two universal principles of success—Definiteness of Purpose and the Master Mind Principle.

Business writers Jim Collins (Good to Great), Donald Trump and many others have suggested that these principles have been the key to success for entrepreneurs.

Hill’s works examined the power of personal beliefs, and the role they play in personal success. Think and Grow Rich remains one of the bestselling books of all time.

In 1985, Minnesota entrepreneur Norman Stoehr founded the Entrepreneurs Network to enable business owners to implement Hill’s two universal principles. A dual process for members to achieve both a “better business and a richer life” evolved, was renamed the THE INNER CIRCLE and franchised, the business spread to many cities across the country.

Inner Circles are groups of eight to 12 non-competing business owners/CEOs who meet once a month for three hours, usually over breakfast, to work on their business and personal visions. Each Inner Circle serves as an interactive think tank, a place where entrepreneurs come to challenge one another and to be challenged. Members use a proprietary process to get clear on their goals and how to achieve them. By tapping into the wisdom and objectivity of the group, members find they are able to overcome obstacles faster and with greater confidence.

An Inner Circle provides an experience that is personal and encompassing. The result for each member is the creation of a game plan for the life they truly want to live. In my case, I was astounded at how quickly the bonding between members enabled us to share with one another and how quickly the process improved my business and my life.

First Canadian Inner Circle launching in Ottawa

We are fortunate to have the first Canadian Inner Circle launching operations in Ottawa. With two outstanding facilitators on board (Arnold Campbell Ph.D. and Jeffrey Edwards, M. Ed., M.B.A.) both with significant business experience, I am confident that the Inner Circle will improve the businesses and the lives of many local entrepreneurs.

The Inner Circle is not a social club or a networking group. To become a member, you have to be willing to listen, to contribute and not be afraid to be held accountable. I have signed up to be a charter member. I recommend you consider signing up too if you’re a business owner who has any of the following characteristics:

  • seven or more employees
  • does not have a board of directors
  • feels isolated
  • seeks better clarity desires change in their business/their life
  • wants a better business/life balance (building value to your business)

For those of you who wish to join or learn more about the Inner Circle in Canada, please contact Inner Circle Canada President Jeffrey Edwards at (613) 526-1649 or email him at [email protected].

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