Selling a business

Locksmith Business For Sale Central Alberta

Locksmith Business For Sale Central Alberta Canada.  Long established locksmith business comes with an actual storefront, providing around the clock service and products to their high repeat commercial, residential and automotive clients in the city and country. Sale and Service…

A Basic Dictionary for Buying or Selling a Business

Most of the people who come to us to buy a business are first-time buyers. And likewise, most of the business owners who contact us about selling their business have never gone through the process before. Buying or selling, there’s a lot for them to absorb. And while we do our best to guide them each step of the way, the subject matter can be a bit daunting for those unused to the terms that come up as we help them get to their goal line.

How Does Working Capital Factor into the Purchase or Sale of a Business?

As a buyer, you are excited about the opportunity to purchase a business and confident you have enough money for its purchase. But do you have enough money to keep it "working?" If you plan to grow the business, do you have enough working capital to fund its growth? Growing businesses require more working capital than shrinking businesses as receivables are growing.

Get the Price Right When Selling Your Business

Proper pricing is a must when you go to sell your business. And that means an asking price that is reasonable and correct. A reasonable asking price should factor the true earnings of the business and what the market is willing to pay. Business patterns, systems, competition, markets, quality of service or product, staff and operational factors are all predictors of future earnings that need to be taken into account.

Fiscal Fitness: 20 Reasons for Mid-Size Companies to Acquire Smaller Firms

In a recent 2015 post, I noted that more mid-sized businesses in the Canadian market are turning to complementary acquisitions with fold-ins or add-ons that allow the buyer to add on the revenue of the acquisition without the costs the seller (and their smaller business) had. As we enter the New Year with renewed resolve and resolutions, I've been asked to say more about these financial benefits.