Invest in yourself as well as your business

Grant Mellow, ActionCOACH
in action at Sunbelt’s Ottawa office

A business owner must be able to seek out and take advice and keep learning.

Most of us have access to many networking and training options, both in person and online.

But our biggest obstacle is usually us taking the time out to attend. Yet we’re doing ourselves a disservice if we don’t. Maybe we need to turn it round and think of it as putting time in… to the business. It is the business-as well as the individual-that benefits in the end.

The lesson here is to work on yourself and on the business, or, as entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn says, “Work harder on yourself than on your business.”

I’ve talked many times about the need for every business owner to have a strong and reliable team of professional advisers.

As a small business becomes larger, professional services advisers such as accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, insurance agents, HR specialists, marketing specialists and business coaches increase in value.

Well, I have followed my own advice and engaged an experienced business coach with a great track record-Grant Mellow of ActionCOACH.

Over the past 12 months, I’ve been working on improving my own office systems and identifying and meeting staff training needs. We’ve had some terrific workshops, like the DISC exercise we undertook last fall.

I’m seeing tremendous value from the relationship-an experienced coach can see the forest while you are working on the trees, they have a network of specialists who can help, and they force you to be accountable.

Group sessions are a great, cost-effectiveway to access their training so I’m happy to tell you that ActionCOACH is offering seven power-packed bi-weekly group training sessions for business owners, delivered at Sunbelt’s Ottawa office starting October 1.

This training is well worth the investment. The ActionCOACH team will help you, as they have helped me and many other coaching clients I have met through their programs.

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