Owning a business

Locksmith Business For Sale Central Alberta

Locksmith Business For Sale Central Alberta Canada.  Long established locksmith business comes with an actual storefront, providing around the clock service and products to their high repeat commercial, residential and automotive clients in the city and country. Sale and Service…

Rising Commercial Property Taxes Hurt Small Businesses

Many Canadians feel that the cost of local housing, whether purchased or rented, is beyond their means. Affordability is especially an issue in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Less in the news are non-residential properties and the hardships their rising property taxes are causing to small businesses. It’s an expense that is causing small businesses to relocate, reconsider expansions and, in some instances, shutter, notes a recent Globe and Mail Report on Business.

How Entrepreneurship Benefits Kids

Raising kids doesn’t come easy. Neither does running your own business. Both provide significant life lessons and great rewards. So, what about combining the two? No, I don’t mean raising kids AND running your own business. Many of us do that already. I mean having your kids run their own business. Or at least learn the ropes of what being in business means.

Increasing Your Company’s Value. From a good business to a great one.

All things being equal, higher revenue and a better bottom line increase the value of a business and its appeal to potential buyers. How we get there will be the focus of our next few posts. But first, I’d like to take a short detour. I recently read Good to Great, written by Jim Collins. What follows is a summary of his concepts for taking your business and business worth from good to great.