Valuing a business

Locksmith Business For Sale Central Alberta

Locksmith Business For Sale Central Alberta Canada.  Long established locksmith business comes with an actual storefront, providing around the clock service and products to their high repeat commercial, residential and automotive clients in the city and country. Sale and Service…

The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth: Buyers and Sellers Hurt Themselves When They Lie to Business Brokers

Buyers and sellers sometimes overstate, understate or "forget" to state. Like teachers and the proverbial "dog ate my homework" cover story, seasoned business brokers have also heard it all. Only our tall-tale tellers are taller. And they often don’t realize what they’re telling us is untrue.

Top 10 Tips to Sell Your Business and Not Leave Money On the Table

Business owners will be selling into a very competitive marketplace, which means it's likely that only the most attractive and well-prepared businesses will sell for what they're worth. You'll want your business to be one of them. Here are our top 10 tips to sell your business AND protect its value, increase your personal wealth and reduce the taxes you will need to pay on the proceeds.

Selling a Business: What is Your Business Worth Part 2

As you read in part one of selling a business: what is your business worth, a seller’s price expectation needs to be in line with market reality. Most financial statements of small businesses are prepared to minimize the tax burden for the company and its owners. To reflect the company’s true earnings, we need to recast/normalize the balance sheet and income (profit and loss) statement.