Using a Business Broker

Locksmith Business For Sale Central Alberta

Locksmith Business For Sale Central Alberta Canada.  Long established locksmith business comes with an actual storefront, providing around the clock service and products to their high repeat commercial, residential and automotive clients in the city and country. Sale and Service…

Get the Price Right When Selling Your Business

Proper pricing is a must when you go to sell your business. And that means an asking price that is reasonable and correct. A reasonable asking price should factor the true earnings of the business and what the market is willing to pay. Business patterns, systems, competition, markets, quality of service or product, staff and operational factors are all predictors of future earnings that need to be taken into account.

Into the Fold: Acquisitions and the Financial Benefits of Fold-Ins

In early December, the Wall Street Journal proclaimed 2015 the biggest year ever in the U.S. for mergers and acquisitions. At home, Canadian companies have been turning their attention to the domestic market with 66% of respondents in an October Ernst and Young Global Limited survey identifying the Canadian market as their primary focus for M&A. Some 57% were focused on cost reduction and operational efficiency - up from 31% one year prior - consistent with what our offices are seeing.

The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth: Buyers and Sellers Hurt Themselves When They Lie to Business Brokers

Buyers and sellers sometimes overstate, understate or "forget" to state. Like teachers and the proverbial "dog ate my homework" cover story, seasoned business brokers have also heard it all. Only our tall-tale tellers are taller. And they often don’t realize what they’re telling us is untrue.

Business Buyers’ Market Ahead – Will You Be Ready?

With all that we try to fit into every day, setting aside the time for the truly important and meaningful activities can be/is difficult. Planning and good intentions go by the wayside. Yet not preparing for the sale of our business could cost us the very lifestyle we have worked so hard to build. Isn't it time you start thinking about the life you want when you leave your business?