Considerations for Selling Your Business: Part 1, Mature vs. Decline

As a human being it is easy to become emotionally invested in your business. After all the things you have sacrificed for it – kids’ soccer games, recitals, family gatherings, etc., it is understandable how this can happen. However, this investment should be treated like any other. If you consult your financial adviser, stock or bond trader, they will advise you that the best time to sell when the price is highest. In the case of selling a business, it is the same thing.
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The Great Divide: Deciding to Keep or Sell the Family Business

You and your wife own a business. Like many of our clients, you run the operations while your wife does the books. The business provides full employment for one or more of your children, too. Your dream has been to keep the business in the family-to see it continue through the generations that follow-a legacy. It’s what you’ve always wanted. And you thought your son and daughter did too. They never said otherwise.
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Will Semi-Retirement as a Business Owner Be Your New Normal?

You’ve done the math. And the message is clear. You won’t have enough money to fund your retirement and maintain the lifestyle you’ve come to know and expect. You’re not alone. Many 60-and-over Canadians are finding they need to keep working to make ends meet, especially if they want to maintain the lifestyle they had when they were working. Some have already retired and find they need more cash.
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